Saturday, July 24, 2010

2 weeks old

Pups snoozing in the puppy pen

Four little cuties

My apologies for not blogging this last week - work (my real job) has been a bit hectic. At least this litter has been exceptionally easy, and I am always thankful for Nancy's willingness to help out mid day.

A bit belated, but at 2 weeks of age, the pups weighed 2.6 lbs (Blue & Yellow) to 3 lbs (Red, Purple, & Black). The 1 week weight gain for most pups was over 1 lb per pup - good job Willow. The pups are a bit late opening their eyes. Many pups have eyes partially open, but usually be 2 weeks, we have wide open eyes. They are such a big, placid bunch that not too much walking going on.

At 2 weeks of age, the pups received their second nail trim, first worming, and their first taste of canned food (Iams). This litter is so well fed by Willow, they were not as interested in the canned food. BioSensor neurologic stimulation exercises will end in a couple of days. Good thing since these pups are getting to be a handful to manipulate. For the cold washcloth stimulation, most of the pups are able to scoot off on their own now.

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