Sunday, July 11, 2010

4 days old

The pups are doing very well, all weigh over 1 lb which means that the little pups have already doubled their birth weight! They are all vigorous pups, gaining approximately an equal amount of weight. Weight gain is one of the best indicators of pup health at this young age. All the pups are actively scooching around the puppy pool and sometimes climbing up and over Willow. Willow is being more careful around the pups this time around, but is not taking her maternal duties very seriously. Willow would much prefer to hang out in the main part of the house than be stuck in the puppy pool with her newborn pups. Hopefully she is not going to be one of those dams who tries to ditch her litter at 2 weeks of age.

For the first 2 weeks, the pups have limited senses since their eyes and ear canals are closed. Yesterday, I started BioSensor early neurological stimulation exercises which will continue daily until the pups are 16 days old. More info can be found at

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