Sunday, July 25, 2010

Changing by the day

Willow and 2 1/2 week old pups. They are getting big!

This morning I bumped out the puppy pen to include a small area with potty pads to transition the pups to a litter box. The pups are still too uncoordinated to negotiate the edge of a litter box and will slip on the paper. But they are getting better at walking every day. Cedar was the first pup to use the new facilities.

The pups have consumed their first can of Iams puppy food and are half way through their second can. The pups' caloric needs are finally started to exceed what Willow can produce in milk, so perfect time to be transitioning to solids. Together, the pups weigh almost 25 lbs already and are growing fast - that takes lots of calories. Mid week, when the pups are 3 weeks old, I will introduce soaked puppy kibble. I like to start them out on canned food and use that to teach them how to prehend food and chew/swallow and not just suck.

This litter is growing up fast. Before we know it, they will be romping out in the yard. Willow is ready to resign from puppy duty as soon as possible. Her family came out to visit yesterday, and they look forward to getting her back.

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