Saturday, July 24, 2010

Names & Faces

This litter has been christened the "Tree Litter" in honor of mama Willow. These names will likely just be temporary names, but more fun than just calling them by collar color. Note the pups have received their first real collars.

Cedar (yellow) the last surviving pup who require considerable resuscitation after being whelped. Probably the most passive pup of the litter and currently the smallest. But having less bulk, he is one of the best walkers. He is getting private nursing sessions and is thriving.

Linden (green) started out as one of the small 8 oz pups, but with private nursing sessions, has easily caught up with the pack.

Laurel (pink) the only girl. During BioSensor exercises, she was the feistiest of the pups.

Sequoia (red) big tree name for the big boy. This pic is of him just waking up. Like many big pups, he is a mellow boy.

Chestnut "Chester" (black) shar pei face. He is one of the darker pups. Midday, Nancy claims he is the most vocal pup.

Birch (blue), the other small 8 oz pup who has proven to be very vigorous. He is convinced he is starving, and keeps trying to nurse on his brothers. The lightest pup, a beautiful cream with dark black pigment. Showing some early "personality" and one of the better walkers. During the times when I am home (especially at bedtime), he is usually the most vocal pup. Check out those open eyes.

Buckeye "Buck" (purple), the other shar pei face, and the darkest of the pups. Buck started out with the second lowest birth weight, but quicky proved to be the most eager nurser. Each week, he has gained an amazing amount of weight and currently ties Sequoia for being the biggest pup. As is often the case with the pups who are eager nursers, he is not so sure he is ready to switch over to canned food yet. Buck was the first pup to open his eyes.

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